Words of Wisdom from Veteran & Athlete Heath Calhoun Words of Wisdom from Veteran & Athlete Heath Calhoun

War Veteran and professional athlete, Heath Calhoun, appears in "The Fall Line": A Warrior's Homecoming. The following quotes are more inspirational words from Heath on overcoming setbacks and living life to the fullest.

On service
I'm honored to have served our country as a soldier and now as a Paralympic athlete (Calhoun’s Twitter page & Facebook page )

You should use your unique God-given talents to serve one another, as that is the true measure by which our lives will be judged. Follow the Golden Rule (Calhoun’s “4 Simple Truths”)
On disability
Self-doubt is a much greater disability than a guy that’s missing both of his legs” (Interview with Kelloggs)

We all fight our own battles, with what we have. Whether it’s a physical disability, mental disability, or a disability we give ourselves (The Fall Line)
On life
Life is precious and it passes by too quickly. Plan ahead, but live each day to the fullest (Calhoun’s “4 Simple Truths”)

My life has truly been blessed since I lost my legs. It’s an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone else, but, since it was mine, I’ve definitely enjoyed myself (The Fall Line)