The Children of South Sudan Speak The Children of South Sudan Speak

The following quotes come from Southern Sudanese children, who have been directly affected by the ongoing conflict in their country.

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"I wish all of the students of South Sudan should go to school next year so that they can educate and be the leaders of tomorrow of this nation. I want to have a good life in my future."

- Nancy Puru, 12 years old

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"Next year, I wish that it can be a good year and no more shooting and fighting around because many of us are suffering. And I wish that our parents could have peace in our community."

- Rejoice Wasuk, 13 years old


"Next year, I want to go to my family."

- Gaseem Harum, 11 years old

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"The conflict has affected our education," Emmauel says. Sarah adds, "We start school late, and many children died, children lost their parents, and the number of children decreased, and the number of disabilities also increased."

- Emmuael Oley Jim, 13 years old, & Sarah Kiden Agustino, 12 years old


Paul speaks of his friends & classmates from school,

"My friends that I love them and I miss them. They run away because of the conflict. I want my friends to come back and let us be one tribe of South Sudan and let us make our nation to be great."

- Paul Deng Jhon, 14 years old

These quotes originally came from UNICEF's Youtube Channel. Click here to watch and listen to the powerful voices of more children from South Sudan.