Here's a Dad Who Knows How to Multitask Here's a Dad Who Knows How to Multitask

Brian Kucharik barely flinched as a foul ball came sailing into the stands. He effortlessly caught it in one hand while holding his daughter and a snack tray steady with the other, astounding fellow spectators. See the catch:

Dad Makes One-Handed Foul Ball Catch Dad Makes One-Handed Foul Ball Catch

Brian Kucharik kept daughter and food steady in one arm as he calmly grasped a ball whirring toward his seat.

The catch happened last Thursday at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies met the Toronto Blue Jays, and earned Kucharik admirers including Katy Perry, who tweeted, "Get a dad that can do it all!"

Dads catching foul balls while holding children seems to be a trend, notes Newsweek: It's happened multiple times this year alone. In April, baby-toting dads made winning catches within two days of each other.

"I've been playing for about 30 years now," Kucharik told "It looked like a normal fly ball from the outfield, I put my hand up -- I'm lefty -- so with my right hand, catching the ball was pretty easy."

Kucharik did lose his french fries in the bargain, but the Phillies gave him new ones, on the house.