More About the Film: 'Living Free' More About the Film: 'Living Free'

In Living Free, filmmaker Andrew Arthur Breese creates a portrait of life in Alaska as seen by its residents. He writes about the experience of making the short as part of a Department of Defense workshop:

"Communication is what the DOD Visual Storytelling Workshop is all about, but capturing the essence a wild place like Alaska or an idea like freedom, in my mind opinion, that’s reaching beyond the limits of a simple feature story or even a week-long workshop's goals. I’m honored and simply amazed to be apart of a team that decided to learn, push and create something beyond anyones expectations.

"I think the most proud and shocking part about this video is the fact that each character was a stranger that our team had come across while visiting Alaska. There was zero preproduction involved in the creation of this video. Just one dedicated team and a lot of hard work."

This text originally appeared on Vimeo.