Mending Fences for a Generous Homeowner in Fort Worth Mending Fences for a Generous Homeowner in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas homeowner Linda allowed an acquaintance to move into her house while she was away for two years. She returned to find the place in shambles.

The animals not only made the place smell foul and terrible, but left behind damaged walls, doors and floors. Outside her home suffered from a lack of maintenance with rotting trim boards, peeling paint, collapsed fences and an overgrown yard.

Linda cried when she remembered the way her father meticulously maintained their childhood home, but was determined to find a way to fix her house. “I’m ready to move back in and make it a home again,” she said.

With the help of Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas, Linda had a chance to restore her beloved residence.

A team of more than 25 Charter volunteers completed a number of projects to get Linda’s home back in shape. Outside, the yard was cleared, damaged trees removed, fences mended and new security lights installed. Because Linda suffers from mobility issues, handrails were added to the front steps to prevent potential spills.

Meanwhile, inside the house, a new ceiling fan was installed to improve air circulation, and preparations were made for additional improvements as part of a future renovation.

“I’ve never done a project like this where you see the progress at the end of the day,” said Nadra Bliss, a Charter Direct Sales Representative and project volunteer.

According to Jay Elton, Senior Director, Direct Sales, “It was so moving to see the reaction from the homeowner [and] her obvious gratitude,”

Jermonne Swendell, Senior Manager, Regional Marketing, agreed. “It’s really rewarding to see the homeowner interacting with our team. It’s been emotional for her.”

Another 300 Fort Worth homeowners in Linda’s neighborhood benefited from the Charter our Community effort. During the rebuild, a second team of volunteers distributed a truckload of Safe & Healthy Home Kits from a nearby parking lot.

For more on the kits’ contents and where you can find them in your neighborhood, click here.