Athletes Practice Mindfulness Athletes Practice Mindfulness

We see professional skier Aiden Sheahan practice mindfulness in the short film Insight: Envisioning Before You Execute. Is meditation important for all athletes? Studies say yes.

A mind that is not under control is a mind that makes mistakes—mistakes that could prevent you from winning. High levels of stress decrease your ability to maintain focus and concentration. Clinical sports psychologist Kristin Keim on

Why should athletes meditate? Not only does mindfulness reduce stress, it improves sleep patterns, it allows for a more speedy recovery from injury, it enhances endurance, and it improves the athlete's sense of identity and body, according to experts at the meditation app Headspace. Read more on the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness on their website.

Professional basketball coach Phil Jackson tells us the importance of meditation for all of teams he has coached. He trains his players to meditate in order to decrease performance anxiety, increase mental focus and support success. Listen to him explain his theories below.

Phil Jackson and Oprah on Meditation Phil Jackson and Oprah on Meditation