An Alaska Pilot Flies for His Faith An Alaska Pilot Flies for His Faith

"I never get tired of it," says Dwayne King of the hundreds of miles of glaciers and beauty he regularly traverses as a pilot in Alaska.

King appears in Living Free, a short film about life in the Last Frontier state. King is a pilot who operates Kingdom Air Corps out of Sutton, about 75 miles northeast of Anchorage. From a young age, he combined his deep commitment to Christianity with his love of flying by becoming a missionary pilot, arriving in Alaska in 1970 and flying there through the early '90s for the group SEND International and other groups, then spent the rest of the decade working with churches in easternmost Russia.

"The essence of what is Alaska, of course, is nature," King says in the film. "People love it here because it's right there and you just are really impacted by the power of that."

Today, King trains student pilots and mechanics for missions. "Everybody wants to fly, and that's what thrills me," he says. "Lots of young people learning to fly and learning to be free."