8 Easy Ways to Add Kindness 8 Easy Ways to Add Kindness

Giving away your favorite book is one way to perform a simple act of kindness.

(Courtesy kindness.org)

You could go around randomly asking people whether they need help with anything, but it's not the only way to introduce more kindness into your actions. The website Kindness.org offers several ideas that you can join online and share your experience:

Let someone go first.

"This is something I try to do anytime I can while in line," says a participant on the website. "Besides the smile on the other person's face, it always leads to conversation."

Pay it forward with coffee...

or lunch, or something else for the person behind you or next to you at the shop. "Just hoping that I brightened someone's day with something simple made me feel good for a long time," says Leenie.

Give up your seat on the bus or subway.

It doesn't have to be for someone who is pregnant or disabled—just offer to anyone who looks like he or she could use a break.

Compliment a stranger.

"Working with the public is my job," writes Cindy. I try to sincerely compliment as many as I can in a day, picking simple things ... a nice shirt, "you look so nice today" ... It makes them feel good as it does myself."

Ask an elder for advice.

Participation in this initiative on the site, meant to combat loneliness among senior citizens, was so overwhelming that the advice-givers are quite busy trying to answer all of their queries.

Give your favorite book away.

You could give it to someone special or just leave it for others to find. Check out the titles, accompanying notes, and places people left their books.

Pick up litter.

Next time you're out on a walk, help clean up your surroundings too. "I pick up garbage at the dog park," writes Sarah. "I feel happy knowing it makes the space look better and that it's safer for our four-legged friends."

Set a daily gratitude reminder.

Take a moment each day to note something you appreciate. "It helped me to think about something positive before I go to sleep," says Stephanie.